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Thank you!  We are head over heels for this little girl!  She is getting along great with our other animals, already figured out the pet door and is already starting to respond to her new name (Stella)!

On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 12:18 PM 


Hello, First​ ​of​ ​All,​ A​ ​big​ ​thank​ ​you,​ ​Gretchen! 


Hello everyone, I'm Mia and I have a testimony I'd love to Share,if you have the Time! This is my living testimony AND the Proof that we, the world, Need more People like Gretchen Glass….. one's that are truly & genuinely ( from the heart) Proactively working towards a solutions to a HUGE issue American has with unhomed pet's! She provides a service to the community and the families she Foster's pets for.. Everyone says they do it for the animals and from the Heart, and that can be very well be true, I'm just saying , I KNOW, WITHOUT a DOUBT, Molly and I, with our special, unfortunate and extremely unexpected situation that we was faced with, would not have such a happy ending! She is a Visel by all means, exceeds the standard quality expectations of what a service is, and raised the bar, she is the best interest the pet, clearly. I couldn't tell you what Ms. Glass looks like, but I'm positive it's determined to ensure each animal that she comes in contact with, will have a VOICE, and she will protect from any possible harm. Molly and I have a great appreciation towards the service provided by the Glass family and the agency that brought us together.


Lots of love,hugs&kisses Mia Rodriguez-owner of Molly- October 13, 2017

Took her to the vet this morning for her first check up and she has a small heart murmur the they aren't concerned about.  Said it will mostly go away as she gets older.  She is a healthy 20lbs !!

This was her Wednesday.  She went vet back to vet to check heart murmur and it "All Clear" so she is getting spayed!  We are all in love with her!

Thank you so much! Ryder and Prancer already love each other. Prancer is soooo tired from his big day.  He sleeping next to our son. Thank you for making our year!!!!!

Thank You!  He's in his happy place right now!

He's doing extremely well.  Very smart puppy and getting closer on the potty training.  He definitely loves to sleep.

Hello from Tanner and I!  He is doing great and will be getting neutered in the morning! Just keeping you posted.  Have a great day and Thank You for what you do!!!

Thank you I think he likes it here!!!! lol

Soooo Happy!

Little Ricky (Zeke now) is doing great and loves his new home.  He has adjusted immediately with no problems.  Thank you again. 

Blue is adjusting quite well.  He's such a good boy!

He is so handsome and  happy!

Wanted to give you an update on Remi.  She is doing great and getting so big!

So in love thank you so much!!

  -Good morning with very heavy hearts I need to tell you my daughter and I are allergic to the puppy now.  She is the sweetest puppy ever, but we need to bring her back.

  -My heart is breaking

me- "I just wanted to put your mind at easy and let you know Paisley has found a new home.  A poor lady has lost her husband 2 months ago and now Paisley is giving her joy during these difficult times.

  -What a sweet blessing.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  We miss her so much and that makes us feel so much better.  She is such a sweet puppy.  I have tears of happiness now ...crying!!! Thank you thank you!


Lindsay & Friend

8:02 pm December 2,  2017

"Can I come Home" is and has been a blessing to so many. It was a pure miracle that we found this rescue family. Upon searching and calling many Rescue groups, we kept getting turned away. Let me tell you a little about our story. There were 19 dogs in one location that needed forever homes. These dogs ranged in age from 6 months to 7 years, some spayed/ neutered but non had shots. We wanted to see these babies in forever homes with families that could experience their love and energy plus enjoy the remainder of their life in a safe/loving environment. We were in a situation that only 3-4 dogs would be released at a time. Through a social media post crying out for help and assistance, we were directed to "Can I Come Home". We visited and told our story. Immediately they offered some help our way. We drove to visit the location with 4 pups. We felt the love that filled the home for these dogs and knew they were the ones that could help us Re-home these babies. The stories we heard about the other dogs were amazing. "These families don't choose the pup, the pup chooses the family", we were told. That made it evident that this family was sent our way to help us. They were and are true Miracles. The emotions of leaving 4 dogs that we knew would be loved on was overwhelming. This family made us feel as if we were part of their family. They continued to contact and reach out to us. Over several weeks/months, we were given the opportunity to place ALL of the 19. Pictures were taken and posted. The response to re-home these babies was amazing. In the pictures we got of the new families, you could just tell the love they already had for their new pup. This situation is unique and extremely difficult. We will forever be grateful to the "Can I Come Home" rescue family.  Thank you for finding homes for all of these pups homes and especially for comforting us during this hard time.  

Thank you from the bottoms of my heart!

Hey Gretchen! I just wanted to let you know Beau (Bradley) is doing amzing! I told you I would send a family photo so here you go!

I just wanted to thank you again for such a sweet puppy.  We renamed Blitzen to Frankie and he has been so much fun.  Thanks for helping these babies find their forever homes!  Merry Christmas

Bitze on her first walk in Brazos Park.  She did excellent on the leash, no pulling, stayed at our side the entire walk.  I hope your other adopters find good home too.

Thanks for your caring work!

Thank you so much! We love her! Thank you for bringing her into our lives!

She is just the sweetest.  We're walking the neighborhood and she is checking out every mailbox lol.  

She adjusting well she still wont use the doggie door but she is my shadow!  Still hides from men.

She is sleeping in her crate but i put her bed next to my side of the bed and she prefers that. She literally follows me everywhere. LOL we are going to the lake next week so hopefully she will enjoy the outdoors.

She's a mama girl. She loves to explore out in the back yard and helping me cook.  The boys sneak her treats more than she probably needs lol. She is responding to her name slowly.  She knows shes home and starting to come out of her shell! 

He's holding his bone in his paws.  I want to thank you for your gift of this gentle giant.  We all just love him so much.  He is wonderful!  He hasn't been on our boat yet but when my husband goes to the dock he goes and lays down, looks at the ducks and watches him fish. He is so beautiful in the sun.

Gretchen we can't thank you enough for helping us find our newest family member.  Our daughter was in tears when she came home to find him in our living room.  He is such a good boy and we just love him! 

Chloe is doing well.  We had a DNA done and she is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  Thought that was interesting

Kids were so surprised. Merry Christmas

Just wanted to let you know she is doing so well and I'm more obsessed with her everyday.  Everyone loves her.  She;s eating so much now and is constantly playing lol.  Think she has 30+ toys.  She doesn't like vaccines though! She starts doggy socialization day camp every Wednesday.  She hasn't even reach 2 lbs yet!

He wants to be in all the business! lol

Not one moment to myself!  Lots of love. She is a love bug deluxe. Who needs a heating blanket when you have her breathing down your neck.  I don't think she knows her size .

Just wanted to let you know Charlie is doing great!  Jake is in love and I can not be happier that this sweet baby is ours.


Jake had to write to a Valentine.  He chose Charlie! "Most of all, I Love You"!  Awh!  I am so glad we chose to bring Charlie Home

Reba is growing into herseld Beautifully.  Thanks so much for Blessing us with her!

February Snow 2018

We are snowed in so let have fun in the snow or we can just sleep!  haha

Daddies Girl??


Best Friends already!

Super sweet puppy and our daughter is in love.

Thank you , Thank you

Superman is such a good boy.  He's not spoiled at all! 

Took Hans to the lake today! What a big baby.  Didn't know what to think.  

Hi Gretchen!

With it almost being a year that we adopted our fur baby from you I just wanted to share some pics with you. When you had him his name was Sampson, but he now goes by Migo. He is a very happy dog who loves to play and show affection. He has brought so much happiness to our home and we couldn’t imagine life without him. 

Thank you for all that you do for these dogs!

-Jessica Z. P





Beautiful Shelby

Thank you so much.  Shelby is wonderful.  She has learned to fetch and has brought so much joy to us.  Everyone who meets her falls in love.  We are truly blessed!


Still My Baby

Hannah (1).jpg
Hannah (2).jpg

Hannah is adjusting just fine! She has claimed her spots!

Hannah (3).jpg
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